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Prison or jail, probationary sentences, community service requirements, fines – they ‎comprise just some of the unfortunate possibilities of what you’re up against. The District ‎Attorney and the police are able to devote large amounts of time and resources to ‎prosecute and punish you. Most of us simply do not have the ability to adequately defend ‎ourselves against the overwhelming power the State can bring against us in a criminal ‎prosecution.‎

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you and guide you through the complex ‎legal system may be advised in your case. A criminal defense attorney can help you to ‎avoid or limit an active prison or jail sentence, community service, probationary sentences ‎and monetary fines. ‎

Being charged with a crime is just the first step in the criminal justice system process. Just ‎because you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor does not mean that you are guilty. You ‎have a constitutional right to plead “not guilty” and have a court decide your case. A ‎good criminal defense attorney can help you to identify those winning strategies. We ‎want to construct your best possible defense, because our philosophy is to be as ready and ‎prepared as possible. A “plea bargain,” where a particular charge against you is dismissed ‎or reduced or an agreement is made about sentencing, might be available and could be in ‎your best interest. Bargaining from a position of strength helps make this happen. If you ‎hire me as your criminal defense attorney I will evaluate your case and help you to make ‎the right decision when it comes to trial or plea bargaining. ‎

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All initial consultations are FREE. I never charge a fee unless you hire me to defend your ‎case.‎

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